Come Follow Me. . .How’s it going?

It’s been almost a quarter of the year with the new home-focused Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints curriculum, Come Follow Me. (BTW: go here to get my Come Follow Me pdfs. It’s made it a little easier for my family to get it done.) Anyone else having some ups and downs? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Full disclosure: I’m a bit extra when it comes to depression and anxiety. Like, extra enough that this is a life-long health condition that I have to manage every day and the last five to six months has been brutal.  The pit of despair that makes up little parts of my mind and heart isn’t so little any more. Like, it’s so not-little I feel empty inside about 95% of the time.

With the focus on home being the bedrock of our family’s faith and the emphasis on women leading the effort to build that bedrock. . .being depressed feels like a double failure.

But, here’s what I’m banking on: this quote from Elder Bednar. You remember it?


Our family soul portrait is happening in small brush strokes but a few small strokes on a canvas is better than none, right?

So, sometimes our study is short. Sometimes I do it one kid at a time because they all fight so much I can’t let them be in the same room. Sometimes we all pile on the bed and the kids ask 500 questions and we all laugh and learn.

I guess that’s my only tip for success: FLEXIBILITY in your approach to building your family’s faith is the best way to be SUCCESSFUL.

How are you doing?

1 thought on “Come Follow Me. . .How’s it going?”

  1. Laura, thanks for sharing, I think you’re amazing! I’m glad you mentioned the importance of flexibility because our study has been pretty flexible also. Last week, we did it at 8:30 pm which wasn’t a good time because it was bedtime, but we ran out of time and did it the last possible second. This week, we did it the second we got home from church, because I knew we all needed naps and I wanted to make sure the lesson was done first! A few weeks ago after the lesson, one of our kids expressed that it was boring and wants us to make it more fun. Having a wide range of ages does make it challenging to make the lesson relevant and “fun” for all! 🙂 I know there’s more that I can do to be prepared ahead of time, but I’m still working on making it happen. I have loved having more gospel discussions at home and feeling the Spirit as we study together. I want it to be a time where the kids look back and remember feeling safe, happy and loved.

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