Come Follow Me 2019

Welcome to my Come Follow Me study plans for 2019! Thanks for stopping by. I hope that these are helpful to you and your family as you figure out how to implement the new study-at-home program from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Each week is organized with a 5-10 minute personal scripture study lesson for Monday through Saturday and a family scripture study lesson for Sunday. The daily lessons are all meant to be kid-friendly and include hyperlinks to the scriptures studied and a journal writing prompt. In the notes on each day there are ideas about how to make the lesson more understandable for younger learners. When it’s helpful, I’ve added links to Church videos or pictures to help make the scriptures more relatable.

Each day also includes an “extra mile” option. If you want to take your study a bit further, these options give you more scriptures to ponder or other Church content to help you make new connections and expand your thinking.

I’ll have each week ready to go the Sunday before. Enjoy!

Come follow Me _ April 15-21

Come Follow Me April 1-14

Come Follow Me 3_25-3_31

Come Follow Me _ March 10-17

Come Follow Me _ March 4-10

Come follow me Feb. 25-March 3

Feb 18- 24 Blessed Are Ye

February 11-17 Ye Must Be Born Again

Feb. 4-10 The Spirit of the lord is upon me

jan. 28 to feb. 3 prepare ye the way of the lord

come follow me January 21-27

Jan. 14-20: we have come to worship him (1)

Jan. 7-13 be it unto me

Dec. 31- Jan. 6: I am Responsible for my Own Learning 1231-16-ilovepdf-compressed